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Our marine technicians are certified and trained to service fire suppression systems on all types of vessels and boats, including cargo & container ships, private yachts, military carriers, fishing vessels, tugboats, passenger ferries, and more.

In addition to your boat’s fire suppression system and portable extinguishers, our technicians are also experts in marine fire alarm systems. Call our sales team today to inquire about the installation, inspection, and service of the fire alarm on your marine vessel.

A full service appointment may include inspections of:

  • Fixed Systems
  • Galley Systems
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • SCBA Equipment
  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Cascade Cylinders
  • Gas Detection Systems

Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Based on your specific needs, we can design/install marine fire suppression systems utilizing:

  • CO2
  • Clean Agent (FM-200*, Halon 1301, Inergen)
  • Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarms

Maximum marine fire protection starts with a properly designed and installed suppression system. Factors such as the vessel, cargo, and regulatory agency will help determine the best fire suppression system for you.

Your marine fire system must also meet local fire codes and the insurance policy guidelines to prevent liability issues down the road.


* There is now a phase-down of FM-200 as a clean agent, as coordinated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This phase-down is driving the increase of FM-200 prices. Call our sales team today to inquire about current prices and alternative agents.

Contact us to learn more about protecting your vessel, employees, and cargo from marine fire risks.

USCG and ABS Inspections

Are your USCG inspections and ABS certifications up to date? Depending on your vessel and cargo, your marine fire suppression system and portable extinguishers could be subject to annual or semi-annual inspections.

During these inspections, our factory-trained techs may:

  • Thoroughly inspect all system components
  • Weigh all cylinders of the primary and secondary systems
  • Inspect, weigh, and tag all portable extinguishers
  • Provide a Certificate of Inspection
Contact us to schedule your ABS or USCG inspection today, and we'll meet you at the dock.

Marine Fire Protection Services

In addition to inspections and new suppression systems, we also provide:

  • Hydrostatic testing and recharging
  • EPA-approved Halon 1301 recycling and recovery
  • Annual/semi-annual fire alarm inspection
  • Suppression systems inspections and maintenance

Regular inspections are required so your marine fire suppression system meets the manufacturer’s requirements for service and maintenance to ensure proper operation.

Inspections include a complete visual and mechanical assessment of your system per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

After the inspection, Gow Fire provides a complete service report of our findings and recommendations to the customer.

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Marine Fire Alarm Services

In addition to servicing the fire suppression systems on your boat or vessel, our technicians are also trained in Marine fire alarm systems & panels.

We service manufacturers such as Autronics, Ansul, Fireboy, & Fire-lite, offering installations, design, certification, and management of both conventional and addressable systems

Whether your services are on a small yacht, tugboat, passenger ferry, cargo ship, or other type of vessel, we have you covered. Our technicians are certified to program software for addressable systems.

The fire alarm system on your marine vessel may also need to be interfaced with external equipment such as sprinkler systems and bilge float switches. Call our office today to speak with our Marine Fire Alarm team about your boat’s specific needs.

Contact our marine fire suppression experts today to learn more about our maritime fire alarm services.

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