Founded in 1923 by Alexander Gow and his son as a family business, we initially specialized in marine fire suppression services and USCG required annual inspections. Gow’s goal was simple: provide quality fire suppression systems to keep the community safe – even on the water.

Over the next few decades, our suppression services and service areas continued to grow along with Seattle and the surrounding communities. Gow Fire has been here through all the local improvements and changes, providing the same quality installation, inspection, and maintenance services you’ve come to expect.

In 1991, the company was sold to Jim and Greg Schuler, keeping Gow Fire’s history for being a family-owned business intact. That tradition continues today, with Dan and Jacob Schuler running the day-to-day operations.

Despite the change in ownership, the company’s mission remains the same: to provide superior fire suppression systems, services, and inspections for every customer and project- ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and the safety of their businesses.

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As the leading fire protection company in the Pacific Northwest, we specialize in the service and installation of fire suppression systems in marine, commercial, and industrial sectors. Through on-the-job training, our technicians become experts in the field, kickstarting their career in an essential industry.

Across our three branches in Seattle, Portland, and Hawaii, we offer all our full-time employees a competitive benefits package, 401k matching, paid time off, and paid holidays. Our team is growing and we are looking forward to meeting the right people to join our family-owned company. Apply online today!

Our service area now includes thousands of service locations across Western Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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As the fire suppression needs and local requirements have changed, so have the products and services provided by Gow Fire. In addition to marine applications, we offer installation, inspection, and maintenance services for the following:

  • Commercial fire suppression systems for buildings, kitchens, and restaurants
  • Industrial Fire suppression systems for spray booths, battery storage, and hazardous material storage
  • Vehicle suppression systems for on and off-road vehicles
  • Fire alarm systems/networks
  • Portable Fire extinguishers
  • Fire equipment and parts sales
  • Flow testing and distribution of SCBA cylinders
  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning