Marine Fire Equipment Inspection and Testing Services – Serving customers in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii

The Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company Certified service technicians perform annual United States Coast Guard and A.B.S. fire equipment inspections on all types and sizes and vessels from large container ships to small yachts. A thorough testing of all components includes weighing all cylinders in the main and independent systems. We weigh and tag all portable fire extinguishers. A Certificate of Inspection is provided upon completion.
When was the last time you had your system or portables inspected? If it's been more than a year, then you are due for an inspection. Count on us to service your system to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing people and property are protected. Contact us at or (206) 632-2810
Ship and tugboat - Industrial Fire Equipment in St Seattle, WA
  • Annual USCG / A.B.S inspections and certification
  • Hydrostatic testing and recharging
  • EPA approved Halon 1301 recycling and recovery
  • Annual / semi-annual inspections of fire alarm and suppression systems: Carbon Dioxide, FM 200, Halon 1301
Portable Fire Extinguisher Service
  • KIDDE, BADGER and AMEREX extinguishers
  • Parts & service for CO2, Halon 1211, dry chemical, pressurized water, K type (kitchen) and Halotron extinguishers.

Marine Fire Protection Systems

CO2, FM 200 and NOVEC 1230 are clean agents and are the most efficient and widely used fire suppression agents. They are non-corrosive, electrically non-conductive, odorless, safe around liquids or food and leave no toxic by-products or residue. All are UL, FM and USCG listed and approved. FM-200 has replaced Halon 1301 in several applications, including marine engine rooms.
  • Engine Rooms
  • Machinery spaces, pump rooms, paint lockers
  • Dry and vehicle cargo spaces
  • Enclosed ventilation systems for rotating electrical equipment
  • Semi-portable hose reels
Marine Fire Systems - Industrial Fire Equipment in St Seattle, WA

Marine Fire Protection Systems USCG / ABS approved

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • FM 200
  • Inergen
  • Dry Chemical
  • Automatic Fire Detection
  • Wet Chem Galley
  • Halon 1301
  • Intelligent Fire Detection
  • Sapphire Suppression Systems
  • NOVEC 1230
Supplier of fire equipment products and fire suppression products for marine fire systems – Serving customers throughout the Pacific Northwest plus Alaska and Hawaii.