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Engineered fire suppression systems are designed to preserve the contents of the protected space, such as in server rooms, electronic data centers, sensitive electrical equipment rooms, document and record storage, art and valuable storage, and telecommunication centers.

Unlike other fire suppression systems, the agent used in these suppression systems is targeted to protect the asset and does not leave a residue. This ensures your goods are kept safe before, during, and after a fire emergency- while also keeping you safe.

We can design, install, and service the following types of clean agent suppression systems- whether you need to protect your vessel, building, or storage area:

  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
    • Ansul INERGEN
    • 3M Novec 1230
    • FM-200*
    • CO2 (High-Pressure CO2, Low-Pressure CO2)
  • Water mist fire suppression system
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
* There is now a phase-down of FM-200 as a clean agent, as coordinated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This phase-down is driving the increase of FM-200 prices. Call our sales team today to inquire about current prices and alternative agents.

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

If your business involves special hazards or materials, you may need a complex system to protect the space:

  • Paint booths
  • Conex boxes or containers
  • Chemical & Hazardous Materials storage
  • Battery storage and charging locations
  • Total flood applications

Our technicians can design, service, and install clean agent fire systems and hazardous material coverage for the following:

  • IT/Server rooms
  • Extraction facilities
  • Special Hazards

Various suppression agents are available, depending on your specific business and employee safety needs and applicable agency requirements. We’re ready to answer your industrial fire suppression system questions, and we’re just a phone call away.

Commercial Fire Alarms

A basic fire alarm system relies primarily on smoke detection, manual pull stations, and audible notification devices to alarm the control panel.

Your business may also require:

Manual pull stations – allow employees to sound the fire alarm as soon as smoke or fire becomes visible. Smoke will reach the smoke detectors, but a manual pull station can save precious minutes and allow more people to exit the building quicker.

Flashing Horns and strobes – the horn and strobe units mount throughout the workspace. The horn makes up the sound component of a fire alarm, while the flashing strobes provide the sight component of the fire alarm.

Heat Detectors – can detect a heat buildup in a closed area such as the server room. A rise in the temperature can signal a fire starting, even if it’s not visible to the employees.

If you have questions about designing or installing a new commercial fire alarm system for your remodel or new construction project, we would love to help.

Contact us today to schedule your annual fire alarm system inspection.

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Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

A pre-engineered fire suppression system provides targeted fire protection for specific hazards and situations, like heavy machinery and paints booths.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

A kitchen fire suppression system provides targeted fire protection for specific hazards or situations, like an exhaust hood or equipment.

Marine Fire Suppression Systems and Inspections

Based on your ship, cargo, and regulatory agency requirements, we can design/install marine fire suppression systems utilizing proven methods.

Fire Safety Equipment & Products

When it comes to fire protection and suppression, there is no universal solution. Every business and property are different. Most properties rely on portable fire extinguishers.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service

Current OSHA standards require employers to provide portable fire extinguishers properly mounted or located and readily accessible to employees without subjecting the employees to possible injury.

Commercial Fire Alarms

A commercial fire alarm system can involve many components depending on the regulatory agency and local fire safety standards.