Do you need one company for all your kitchen fire suppression system needs?

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

If your business involves a commercial kitchen hood exhaust, a UL 300 compliant kitchen fire suppression system is required. We have project managers with decades of experience will handle your kitchen suppression system design and installation, working with local fire marshals to bring your commercial kitchen or food truck to full compliance.

In addition to new installations, our certified technicians will perform alterations, repairs, maintenance, and testing on your kitchen fire suppression system. Kitchen hood fire suppression systems in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and food trucks require semi-annual inspections scheduled every 6 months. After your first inspection, our team will notify you when your business is due for its semi- or kitchen hood cleaning service.

We design, install, and service systems from the following manufacturers to keep your kitchen safe:

  • Ansul
  • Badger / RangeGuard
  • Amerex
  • Kidde
  • Buckeye
  • CaptiveAire

For business owners and operators, maintaining fire safety compliance is more convenient when one phone call can make it happen. Call our sales staff today to schedule your inspection, maintenance, & hood cleaning service at the same time – We are currently offering 10% off our customers’ next suppression inspection invoice when they call to schedule for kitchen hood cleaning services in the Seattle area.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Service That Sets Us Apart

When your commercial hood is not cleaned properly and frequently, there is a danger of collected flammable grease that can lead to a fire. A clean hood, however, does not possess the same risk of burning up. Our hood cleaning services in Seattle will diminish your kitchen’s risk of a fire and bring you to compliance with NFPA 96.

Our team of trained and certified technicians clean your entire kitchen exhaust hood system and document the cleaning with photographic evidence to ensure that your exhaust system is properly maintained. Our experts will recommend proper cleaning frequencies using specialized tools and equipment to measure the level of flammable residue in your systems, and report back to you on any conditions that may compromise the safe operation of the kitchen exhaust system in your facility.

By selecting Alexander Gow as your exhaust hood system cleaning provider, you can be certain you have made the best decision for your facility, your employees, and your customers.

Call us today for a free quote and consultation with our team.

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