Since 1923, we have partnered with thousands of customers to provide the best fire suppression system based on their company needs and local safety requirements.

With our newest branch now open in Portland, we are looking forward to providing protection to even more customers. Our focus is on quality work and integrity, from Ketchikan, AK to the Pacific Northwest, to the Hawaiian Islands.

Our current certifications include:

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory)
  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • USCG (United States Coast Guard)
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
  • DOT (Department of Transportation)
  • EPA approved for Halon 1301 recycling and recovery

Fire Suppression Systems for the Greater Portland Area

Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Co. can design, install, maintain, and inspect a wide variety of engineered and pre-engineered fire suppression systems:

  • Water mist
  • Wet chemical
  • Dry chemical
  • CO2
  • FM-200
  • NOVEC 1230
  • Clean Agent

Contact us to learn more about choosing the right fire suppression system for your Portland business needs.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems for Portland’s Restaurants and Kitchens

Our Project Managers have decades of experience upholding NFPA code and local regulations, making us Portland’s source for UL 300 compliant kitchen fire suppression systems.

Our fire techs don’t just install new kitchen fire suppression systems. We also provide regular maintenance, testing, and inspection services to keep your business compliant with NFPA and local Portland requirements.

We are ready to answer any questions about kitchen fire suppression systems or required inspections; call our Portland office today and speak with our experts.

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Portable Fire Extinguishers and Inspections for Portland Business Owners

Per OSHA requirements, all employers must provide portable fire extinguishers, properly mounted and located in compliance with local Portland fire safety standards.

The type of fire extinguisher you need depends on your business and locational fire risks. Gow Fire carries a complete line of portable fire extinguishers to meet your individual needs.

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Pressurized water
  • K-type
  • Dry chemical
  • Clean Agent (Clean Guard, Halon, Halotron)

Many Portland business owners aren’t aware of the monthly fire extinguisher inspections mandated by the NFPA and required by most insurance carriers.

Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Co. can handle your monthly portable fire extinguisher inspection requirements to keep your business compliant and safe.

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Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Are you looking to install a pre-engineered and engineered marine fire suppression system on your vessel?

Besides new installations, Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Co. performs USCG and ABS marine suppression system inspections and certification while your vessel is docked.

We’ve inspected everything from cargo containers to small private yachts in and around Portland. If it’s been more than a year since your last inspection, we can schedule yours by contacting our office.

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Portland Fire Equipment

You can count on Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Co. for all your other fire equipment needs, too. We carry a complete line of tools, parts, and supplies at our Portland office to keep your business fire safe.

  • First aid kits
  • Safety and caution signage
  • Fire axes
  • Cabinets and enclosures
  • Fire hoses and nozzles
  • SCBA equipment (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

You can trust Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Co. We’re the Portland fire suppression experts.

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